Shopping Policy

Anatolian Boutique

Shopping Policy

We care about your shopping experience and customer satisfaction. You can find details about our shopping policy below. Don't hesitate to communicate with us for further questions.

Welcome to Anatolian Boutique. We are producing handmade crafts from Anatolia. We especially produce hats from natural fur and leather; copper, wooden, tile arts; pearl, natural stone, point lace accessories. We bring the wind of Anatolia to you.

As we use natural raw materials in the production period; each of our handmade products is unique, as our customers are unique. Because of this, we guarantee that the products in your hand will be just for you without any sameness with another product. The pictures of the product are to show you the model and the material.

As we have a wide portfolio of handmade products, all the crafts are designed by our master craftspeople. The products that you see in our portfolio are produced in hands with traditional methods.

Just get your product; enjoy its uniqueness, quality, and warmness. You will feel the ancient and glorious Anatolian soul in modern times when you get it. We think you have started to feel it from now. Feel the warmness, feel the soul of Anatolia.

As all our products are handmade, the pictures show the model, and the product which will be sent to you may have some small handmade differences. However, the model is the same.

You may contact us with your further questions.