Frequently Asked Question

We aim to serve our customers in professional methods in all procedures of the shopping. You can find the most common questions below. Don't hesitate to communicate with us for further questions.

All our prooducts are handmade.

You can place your orders via our website or social media accounts.

We prepare your parcel after you place your order. We ship your parcel when we get the payment.

We receive your payments via money transfer right now.

We ship your parcel after we receive money transfer.

We prefer sending your parcels via DHL or PTT.

We try to send your parcels as soon as possible. It is approximately 1-3 days to send your parcels after we get your money transfer.

As we send your products internationally, the time changes according to your location. Moreover, we give information about the condition of your parcel and the tracking number. Shipping from Turkey roughly takes about 7-10 days to Europe & Asia, 10-14 days to U.S. and Canada.